iSkills Talent Development Programme


Internationalise Your Business With The Right Talent

The Internationalisation Skills (iSkills) Talent Development Programme is developed by the International Trading Institute (ITI@SMU) with the support of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). This six-month part-time programme is designed to help Singapore enterprises build their human capital talent pipeline required for their internationalisation endeavours.

Whether your organisation is exploring overseas opportunities for the first time or looking at improving its performance in its current markets, the iSkills Talent Development Programme can help to equip your human capital with the necessary skills and knowledge to support your internationalisation initiatives.

Business Transformation Through Upskilled Internationalisers

Curriculum & Assessment




Candidates are required to work on an overseas expansion project and deliver an actionable plan which they can apply immediately for their businesses.



Upon completion of the programme, candidates will be awarded a Certificate of Participation in the Internationalisation Skills Talent Development Programme.


Terms and Conditions

ITI@SMU reserves the right to make changes to lesson or assessment dates if necessary or due to circumstances beyond our control.

Fees & Funding




What is the objective of the iSkills Talent Development Programme?

Internationalisation is a key engine of growth for Singapore. One important key to success in foreign market expansion is in building a strong talent pipeline. The iSkills Talent Development Programme has been designed to address this concern and to enable businesses to expand their operations abroad. The iSkills Talent Development Programme aims to provide participants with the necessary skillsets to support their respective companies’ internationalisation plans.

What are the courses offered under the iSkills Talent Development Programme?

There are two iSkills Talent Development Programmes designed to meet the skills needs of employees of various levels. Programme 1 caters to senior management level participants, while Programme 2 caters to junior and middle management participants. The main difference is the additional modules covered for classroom learning and also the scope of the internationalisation project. Programme 1 will be assigned more lessons to deep dive into each module. 

Senior Management - Senior-level internationalisers will be equipped with skills such as leadership, critical thinking, decision-making, digitalisation, and cultural competence, to perform functions of an entrepreneur, a strategy visionary and a master relationship builder.

Middle Management - Mid-level internationalisers will be equipped with skills such as project management, effective communication, and cultural competence to perform functions of a gatekeeper/project manager, a bridge and facilitator.

Junior/Entry Level Executives - Junior internationalisers will be equipped with similar skillsets as mid-level internationalisers to support the senior-level internationalisers.

Is the iSkills Talent Development Programme also a Professional Conversion Programme (PCP)?

No, the iSkills Talent Development Programme is not a Professional Conversion Programme (PCP). The objective of the programme is different and all employees (existing and new hires) are able to participate in the iSkills programme.

Is this training conducted full-time or part-time? Where will it be conducted?

This is a part-time programme which consist of blended training (classroom/online) and most lessons will be conducted at Singapore Management University during weekdays.

What training does the participant needs to undergo?

The programme comprises of the following components:

  1. Classroom/Virtual Learning
  2. Lunchtime Seminars
  3. Site Visits
  4. Overseas Immersion Programme
  5. Internationalisation Project – Participants will have to come up with a proposal and pitch.
    • Which country to go to?
    • What product or service do they plan to launch in the new market?
    • How will it address the market needs of today or of the future?
    • What are the USPs?
    • How is the product or service different from what is currently available in the market?
    • Do they have a good understanding of the market?
    • What are the marketing plans and strategies?

Mentors of the right fit will be assigned to the participants, based on projects undertaken. The mentors will follow through the entire project phase and help to ensure the successful delivery of the targeted outcomes. Participants are expected to polish their business acumen by linking an insightful assessment of the external landscape with the keen awareness of their internationalisation plans.

Are there any form of assessment in the programme?
Participants will be assessed mainly on the outcome and deliverables presented in their internationalisation projects.
How is the country for the Overseas Immersion Module being determined? Can the company choose the country to go to for the Overseas Immersion Module?

At the start of programme, participants will need to indicate 2 countries which their company is intending to go into for their expansion plans. The country which has the highest interest amongst the participants will be chosen as the destination for the overseas immersion programme.

How much does the company/participant need to pay for the Overseas Immersion Module?

Depending on the country selected for the Overseas Immersion Programme – there may be full or partial subsidies for each participant for their accommodation and meals. Flight arrangement and airfare is not included in the Overseas Immersion Module.

How can the company/participant qualify for the funding support?

Criteria for Companies

  • Must be a locally registered or incorporated entity in Singapore
  • Must have issued a valid employment contract (of at least 12 months duration) to the participant

Criteria for Participant

  • Must be a Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident
  • Must be an employee of the sponsoring company
  • To qualify for salary support, the participant must be a new hire (less than 3 months)
  • Must possess a Diploma certificate or equivalent
What is the expected class size for each run of the programme?

The expected class size is about 20 – 25 (max) participants for each run.

What are the documents required for the programme application?
  1. iSkills Talent Development Programme Registration Form (via Google Form Link)
  2. Letter of Agreement for Company (To be completed and signed)
  3. Letter of Agreement for Participant (To be completed and signed)
  4. Company’s ACRA
  5. Participant’s Letter of Employment
  6. Participant’s latest curriculum vitae
  7. Participant’s NRIC/Passport
  8. Participant’s Academic Transcripts
  9. 1 Passport Size Colour Photo of the participant
  10. GIRO Form to be completed by company and endorsed by bank (if the participant is a new hire)