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Maritime Economics Track

The Maritime Economics Track is a multidisciplinary programme offered by the School of Economics in partnership with ITI@SMU. It is tailored to produce SMU graduates who are equipped to meet the talent needs of Singapore’s maritime sector. The MET is designed to ensure that students establish a firm foundation in economics and develop essential knowledge and contextualized skills relevant for maritime related roles.

The MET includes a series of credit and non-credit courses that are taught by SMU faculty and industry professionals to ensure students receive the right balance of academic knowledge and industry know-how. Courses are offered on topics such as Maritime Economics, Port Economics and Management, Ship Financing, and Maritime Law, among many others. Since 2008, the Maritime and Port Authority Professorship has provided our students with opportunities to learn about key maritime areas from international academic experts.

Experiential learning opportunities also play a key role in the development of student talent on the MET. These include internships, overseas Industry Study Missions and site visits to maritime companies. Site visits are an essential element in the students’ learning journey, providing an opportunity to observe and learn about operational nuances in locations such as maritime academies, ports, warehouses and logistics facilities. Internships are also an important constituent of the programme as they provide students with a first-hand opportunity to acquire the practical knowledge and skills required by the various jobs in the maritime sector.


Last updated on 08 Dec 2016 .