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To ensure that the students that have opted for the track possess the necessary requirements to excel in the maritime sector, a system of Admissions Interviews has been instituted by ITI@SMU.

Interview panelists include veterans from the maritime sector, professors from the university, and representatives from ITI@SMU. The aim of these interviews is two-fold. The first is to provide a platform to evaluate whether applicants possess the necessary ability, attitude and aptitude for the various roles in the maritime sector. Second, the interviews provide the students with the opportunity to clarify what the programme entails and develop a deeper understanding of the opportunities that the maritime sector can offer them.

SMU students have the opportunity to apply for admission to the track twice a year. The first interview is conducted in Mar/April, before the end of the school term and the second in August, at the start of the new term.

Note: Students admitted in AY2013 onwards must obtain a minimum grade of B- for FNCE101/FNCE102 before they are eligible to declare a Finance major or Finance major with track.

Last updated on 08 Dec 2016 .