Internationalisation Talent Solutions Map

In partnership with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), ITI@SMU developed an International Talent Solutions Map (iTalent Solutions Map) to build internationalisation talent for SMEs.

In an increasingly borderless and connected world, expanding abroad is rapidly becoming a critical component of any company’s growth strategy. New frontiers open up opportunities to grow brand identities, diversify operations, tap on economies of scale and accelerate revenue growth.

The proliferation of technology has also made it much easier for companies to venture abroad. Nonetheless, navigating an unpredictable and often volatile global economic climate while planning expansion might seem a daunting task. Overcoming these challenges will require companies to acquire talent with the right skills, knowledge and expertise to support plans for overseas expansion.


7 Step Process of Business Internationalisation Journey

The iTalent Solutions Map features a seven-step process of a business internationalisation journey, identifying associated business needs and talent requirements at each step. Find out where you are and the skills you need!


The iTalent Solutions Map was developed after engaging business owners, subject domain experts and actual internationalising employees through in-depth interviews and focus group discussions. It addresses both the employer and employee perspectives and serves to:

  • Identify common challenges faced by business owners and employees in the internationalisation process
  • Highlight the skills needed for internationalisation and how they will help achieve business needs
  • Be a tool to help businesses identify their stages of internationalisation and their talent and skills gaps for internationalisation
  • Provide guidelines for HR managers in internationalising enterprises, especially Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), to develop their talent pipeline

Find out more about the iTalent Solutions Map, you can read about how local businesses leverage the critical iSkills and talents to expand overseas on the report hereand MySkillsFuture Website.