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Continuous Education for Wholesale Trade Sector


Continuous Education for Wholesale Trade Sector

International Trading Professional
Conversion Programme

The wave of disruptions happening across industries have led to the development of Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs) to help 23 key industry sectors cope with the changing needs of the industry. The ITMs are a blueprint to guide economic restructuring around four key pillars: innovation,
productivity, job redesign and upskilling, and internationalisation.

As the academic institution that has nurtured undergraduate talents for the international trading sector, the International Trading Institute (ITI@SMU) naturally responded to the call to develop a curriculum to retrain and upskill Professionals, Managers, and Executives (PMEs) for the wholesale trade sector. Through various consultative sessions and focus group discussions with our trading and maritime industry partners, ITI@SMU developed the International Trading Professional Conversion Programme in partnership with Enterprise Singapore Continuous Education for Wholesale Trade Sector (ESG), Workforce Singapore (WSG) and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Academy.

The programme has two tracks, both of which are carefully curated to upskill PMEs for front to back office roles in the commodities and non-commodities trading companies. Since its inception, ITI@SMU has placed more than 140 participants in both the tracks.






The PCP curriculum is an interesting mix of classroom and experiential learning. The programme is made up of the Introductory Certificate in International Trading (ICIT), Specialist Certificate in International Trading (SCIT), online modules offered by ICC Academy, project presentation and site visits to various innovative centres.

Introductory Certificate in International Trading

This is a five-day learning programme that forms part of the curriculum. During these five days, participants will go through various interesting workshops such as a City Trail where they use Augmented Reality technology to complete various challenges. There are also classroom sessions to introduce the fundamentals of wholesale trade which include, Internationalisation, Fintech, Trade Compliance and Technology Enablers.

Specialist Certificate in International Trading

The SCIT is an indepth learning of wholesale trade spanning about four months. The various modules are taught by industry practitioners that bring the realities of wholesale trade to class. During this time, the participants will gain knowledge in Export Planning, Trade Documentation, Customs and Trade Compliance, Supply Chain Management, eCommerce, Digital Platforms and Internationalisation.

As adult learners, the participants get to seek advice from their lecturers on issues that they face in their course of work. This serves as a useful platform for the participants to be able to bring back their knowledge to benefit their company.

Site Visits

To encourage active learning and to also bring the latest technology trends to the participants, site visits are an important component of the PCP curriculum. The participants have the opportunity to visit innovation labs, state of the art warehouses and commodity pricing organisations, to name a few. Site visits complement the classroom learnings where the participants are able to observe the operations of the various companies that they visit.


To find out more about the International Trading Professional Conversion Programme, please click here.

Last updated on 29 Jan 2019 .