Wholesale Trade & Maritime Work-Study Elective


WSE Period: August to December 2023

Application Open: February 2023

The Wholesale Trade and Maritime Work-Study Elective (WSE) is a close collaboration between ITI@SMU and our partners to provide students with an opportunity to undergo a 20-week extended local internship programme within trading and maritime industries. With the WSE, students can explore business functions within the trading and maritime industry and gain insights about the value chain.

In this programme, students will work for four (4) days a week at a host company and return to campus for one (1) day of classes during their school term.

Students may enrol in up to 2 additional courses while taking this elective, provided that there is no conflict with their work schedule.

WSE is a Pass/Fail module. Students will be awarded 2 CUs upon successful fulfilment of the WSE and satisfactory completion of a final report.

Students who have not completed a credit-bearing internship before undertaking the WSE can also apply this experience as 1 CU internship upon fulfilling DKHMCC's requirements.

Upon completion of the programme requirements, ITT & MBOT students will receive a certificate of completion endorsed by ITI@SMU and our industry partner, as well as a Work-Study Elective (WSE) Award.

The MGMT346 Wholesale Trade and Maritime Work-Study Elective (WSE) is managed by ITI as a course under the business school (LKCSB). Students across various disciplines are encouraged to apply.



What's in it for our WSE Industry Partners:

  • Tap on a pool of digitally savvy talent who are able to provide fresh perspectives and innovate your business solutions.
  • Contribute to the success of the next generation by developing their knowledge and skills for the fast-changing global business environment.
  • Empower your staff to mentor future talent, thus honing their leadership skills.
  • Cultivate sustainability by having ready talent join your ecosystem.
  • To contribute to developing human capital and knowledge, so that Singapore will maintain its position as a leading international trading, maritime, and logistics hub.


What's in it for Students:

  • Develop strong working relationships and gain experience to secure full-time positions upon graduation.
  • Transform businesses by giving Fresh Perspectives and Innovative Business Solutions.
  • Take up to 2 CUs worth of additional modules while completing your WSE internship.



  • All SMU Undergraduate Students in their 3rd year of study or Penultimate Year across school disciplines would be eligible;
  • Must not be in your last semester of studies when intending to do the internship;
  • Preference will be given to students who have completed or intend to enrol in Trade Finance (FNC310) or Shipping Business (TRAD201);
  • Must have good academic standing (not under Academic Probation or Academic Notice);
  • Must have no prior disciplinary records;


Note: Only students that graduate with ITT and MBOT tracks are eligible for the WSE Award.

Please read through detailed instructions on OASIS and the Course Outline for the requirements of MGMT346.


What can I expect from the Wholesale Trade & Maritime Work-Study Elective?

Students will be assigned an SMU Faculty Advisor and will be required to submit a final report to the Faculty Advisor at the end of the elective. The MGMT346 Wholesale Trade and Maritime Work-Study Elective is a 2-CU Pass/Fail module.

How is the WSE different from the usual 6-months internship?

The WSE is held during a regular school term and may extend into the summer/winter vacation. Students will work at least 4 days with an industry partner and study on campus for up to 1 day each week (2 half-days are allowed). As this is a graded module, students do not need to take any leave of absence (LOA) or delay their graduation to take up the WSE. The period of the WSE internship is a minimum of 20 weeks.

How many modules can I take while on the WSE?

Students can bid for up to 2 more CUs (i.e. bid for up to 2 other CUs but schedule-wise, it needs to fit into your internship schedule. For example, if the WSE is Mon-Thu, the class you bid for should not clash with your schedule). 

Where can I find the course outline for WSE?

Students may refer to BOSS for the WSE course outline (MGMT 346).

What are the course areas of the WSE?

The course area(s) mentioned below, if any, serve only as a generic guide to the possible area(s) this course may fall under. 

·      Maritime Business and Operations Track Elective.
·      International Trading Track Elective.
·      Free Elective.

Note: This course will NOT fulfill the course areas of Finance Major Elective / Operations Management Major Elective. 

Undergraduate students should verify the actual mapping of the course areas by updating their curriculum worksheet and running the degree progress report (Course List What-If) before enrolling for the course.

Can I take more than 2 modules during the WSE?

Students will not be allowed to enrol in more than 2 modules (2CUs). It is to enable students to achieve optimal learning from the WSE. The class and exam timetable of the 2CUs must not clash with the WSE work commitments.

What do I need to submit at the end of the WSE?

At the end of the WSE, students are required to submit a Work-Study Final Report to the SMU Faculty Advisor.

Is the WSE Graded?

This course is a Pass/Fail module. The SMU Faculty Advisor and industry partner will review your performance and the final report. When you pass the elective, you will be entitled to 2 CU.

Do I have to pay School Fees?

Students are to pay the regular term fees while enrolled in the WSE, plus the two CUs permissible during the term.

IMPORTANT: Students on tuition fees grant/subsidy should plan their study plan carefully so as not to exceed the normal candidature period.

Can I withdraw from the WSE after submitting my application?
Students who have accepted an internship offer shall honour their acceptance of the offer by undertaking the work-study elective to its completion.  
Am I allowed to clear any modules on exchange?

No credit transfers (local and overseas) are allowed for the WSE.

Who can apply for the WSE? Can I apply if I am in my final semester?

Students from any discipline in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th Year can apply for the WSE. However, students are not allowed to embark on the WSE during their final semester.

I am an International Student. Can I apply for the WSE?

Yes, International Students who are NOT on Exchange will be eligible to apply for the WSE. However, please check and confirm your eligibility with the ITI/Career Centre staff.

Can WSE be considered as my internship, if I have not fulfilled any internship?  

You can use this elective to satisfy the mandatory internship requirement, subject to DKHMCC's approval and the respective school's internship requirements. Students who have not completed any credit-bearing internships may also use the elective to count towards your 1CU for internship (with effect from AY2019 intake where the internship programme is credit-bearing), subject to DKHMCC approval and the respective school's internship requirements. 

Will I be able to choose the company in which I want to do the WSE internship?

When you sign up for the WSE, we will look at the partnering companies' JD to match the best suitable fit and share your application with them. We hope to maximize your chances of securing an interview leading to a potential recommendation. Companies would also shortlist the applications for an interview before confirming the internship.

Will I receive remuneration for the internship?

Yes, students will receive internship remuneration according to the company's HR policies.


Recipients of the Wholesale Trade and Maritime Work-Study Elective Award 2021

  • Sangker Jeevan (June to December 2021)
  • Tan Rui Yang (June to December 2021)*
  • Nhway Nhway Khin Soe (June to December 2021)*
  • Kyaw Myo Khant (June to December 2021)*
* Specially awarded to pioneer batch of Non ITT/MBOT students.