International Trading Track & Maritime Business Operations Track

Overview of International Trading Track

Singapore's position as an international trading hub provides a myriad of career opportunities for students as many world class trading and maritime companies have established themselves in the country. The International Trading Track (ITT) is offered by the Lee Kong Chian School of Business (LKCSB) as a specialisation under the Finance major. This track equips students for exciting careers with organisations involved in trading, shipping logistics, trade finance and maritime services, amongst many others.

ITT was launched in 2006 with the aim of grooming Singapore’s young international trade talents. This track includes a series of credit and non-credit courses, taught by SMU faculty members and industry experts to enable students to master the skills required for physical transactions, such as product knowledge, logistics, finance, and risk management. Courses offered include Trade Finance, Analysis of Derivative Securities and Financial Markets and Investments, among many others.

Overview of Maritime Business & Operations Track

The Maritime Business and Operations Track (MBOT), which began in 2019 addresses the business aspects of operations management in the areas of maritime logistics and supply chain. It aims to equip students with the core operations management skills and knowledge required by the rapidly evolving and growing sector to manage the issues that confront the maritime business.

Students will develop a good understanding of the role that businesses can play in contributing to Singapore’s position as a maritime hub. The track provides students with a clear understanding of all economic, legal and managerial parameters that are relevant to the maritime industry, and the know-how to integrate multi-faceted initiatives and solutions concerning the business operations of their organisations up and down the maritime trade value chain. The track includes a series of credit and non-credit courses that are taught by SMU faculty members and industry experts so that students can master the skills and obtain an appropriate balance of academic knowledge and industry knowledge. Courses offered include Port Focal Logistics and Maritime Operations, Shipping Business, Logistics and Transportation Management, among many others.

Academic Excellence

a. Excellence awards and scholarships
b. World-class lecturers
c. Industry talks from leading practitioners with a wealth of experience


Experiential Learning

a. Local site visits
b. Company visits
c. Overseas exchange
d. Programmes and industry study missions


Practical Work Experience

a. Local internships
b. Subsidies for overseas internships to Copenhagen, and more
c. Work-Study Elective


Real-world Experience

a. Keeping close to the pulse of the trading and maritime sector through industry partnerships
b. Networking opportunities
c. Learning from the experts of the industry

Students can apply for the International Trading Track (ITT) and/or the Maritime Business & Operations Track (MBOT) on OASIS.

Students are strongly encouraged to declare their major(s) as early as possible, as students with declared major(s) have priority in the bidding of courses.

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**Students should note that the online declaration function is not available during BOSS periods. Students who have not declared their major(s) when BOSS starts will not be able to bid for the major courses during Round 1A**


Learn more about the experiential learning opportunities as well as the credit and non-credit courses that are available for undergraduate students under the two tracks.

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