A case study competition was organised in March 2018 which provided the students with an opportunity to exhibit their intellectual and analytical prowess against each other.

It focused on the various human capital challenges in the area of talent and leadership renewal faced by Precious Shipping (PCL) as it chartered its course to the future.

It focused on the various human capital challenges in the area of talent and leadership renewal faced by Precious Shipping (PCL) as it chartered its course to the future.

Ten teams of three students each from the various schools in SMU participated in the challenge with four being shortlisted to present their findings to the judging panel. The panellists included:

• Mr Kenneth Chia, Executive Director, Singapore Maritime Foundation
• Mr Gurpreet Singh, Business Development, Shell Fleet Solutions
• Mr Jakob Bergholdt, Chief Financial Officer, BW Group
• Capt Kenny Beh, Managing Director, Raffles Shipping Corporation
• Dr Huck Poh, Senior Advisor and immediate past VP of Global Downstream Technology Services, Shell Global Solutions Amsterdam

The judges shared that they were highly impressed with the quality of analysis and commended the students on the effort that they had invested into the exercise. The top two winning teams won a trip to visit PCL in Bangkok where they presented their case solution to the company’s senior management.

1st place: Team Nash Consulting 2nd place: Team Pangarap     
Haruki Chua, Final Year Student, School of Economics, major in Maritime Economics Track Candice Chen, Year 3 student, School of Business                                                     
Jeremy Cheok, Final Year Student, School of Economics, major in Maritime Economics Track Tan Boon Yu, Year 3 student, School of
Leon Lim, Final Year Student, School of Economics, major in Maritime Economics Track David Alex Lee, Year 3 student, School of Business

The hackathon was co-organised by ITI@SMU and the School of Information System’s Smart-City Management and Technology.

Students from the International Trading Track and the Maritime Economics Track participated in the Hackathon which started off with a half-day workshop where the students were introduced to Micro:Bit and its applications. This was followed by the second segment in which teams of students formed teams to develop solutions for
the various problems in different industry sectors by using Micro:Bit.

Mr Jan Rindbo the CEO of Norden, one of Denmark’s largest dry bulk and tanker companies, was in Singapore in May 2018.

A visit to SMU was organised with the aim of facilitating a better understanding of the various efforts undertaken by ITI@SMU towards the development of trading and maritime talent in Singapore.

This was followed by a luncheon where the maritime programme students and alumni had the opportunity to interact with Mr Rindbo, where he candidly shared about the
various challenges and opportunities faced by the sector.

Many of the students also expressed their gratitude towards Norden and our various industry partners for the support which they had provided as they played an instrumental role in ITI@SMU’s efforts to develop high quality talent for the maritime sector. The session ended with Mr Rindbo maintaining Norden’s continued support for ITI@SMU’s efforts to develop the next generation of maritime talent.

This annual networking event provides for an excellent platform for industry partners, alumni, and students to get to know each other and expand their network of industry peers.

It is an event that the ITI@SMU community invariably look forward to. It is not uncommon to see new friendships being made and old ones being rekindled during these sessions. The alumni also proved themselves to be ever-ready to pay it forward to the next generation of talent by not only providing advice to their juniors on how to manage the challenges they face at work, but also quick to share any opportunities that their juniors could capitalise on. Almost 150 stakeholders took part in the Networking Night 2018.

At the start of Academic Year 2017/18 Term 2, the SMU Maritime Club organised a get-together to welcome the exchange students from Copenhagen Business School (CBS). This was part of ongoing efforts to maintain and continue the good relationship that SMU students enjoy with their counterparts from CBS. Held at SMOOBar, students from both institutions shared about their various experiences on student life in Singapore and Copenhagen.

It provided a platform for the next batch of SMU students who would be embarking on an exchange to CBS to find out more about life in Copenhagen so that they could better prepare themselves. In addition, the SMU students who had already gone on the exchange were able to reunite with their CBS friends and continue to develop the relationships that they had established when they were in Denmark.